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Guide to MRI'S

          After decades of discovering  the MRI short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the evolution of scanners have tremendously advanced in congruent to the spurt of technology in today's era. By definition, the MRI utilizes signals from magnets and waves from a radio like device to form images of the object scanned particularly the human body that can be seen on a monitor or computer. The scan is used by physicians to determine signs of abnormalities in tissues, organs and any other internal structure of the body to detect possible diagnosis of tumors, multiple sclerosis, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses without invasive procedure. It is useful for diagnosis that can't be fully given with XRAYs which cannot produce detailed images.

How Mmri scanRI's work:

          When a patient is scheduled to go through an MRI, a transition of molecules inside the body which is composed mostly of water molecules happens. The system and procedure use a dye to change the magnetic field of a tissue being observed.The water molecules which contain hydrogen that has protons are aligned parallel to the  magnetic field produced by the waves  emitted by the scanner.
  • Once aligned, the scanner in the body sends out radio waves to knock the protons from their station.
  • When a wave stops, the proton goes back to its original place while emitting signals in different speeds.
  • Tissues inside the body produces different signals that can distinguish which ones are harder or softer.A receiving device then detects and analyses the signals.
  • The integrated signals are then transmitted to a computer that produces 2D or 3D  images    based on the emitted signals from the body

What to expect:


           Going through any medical procedure can be quite daunting. Even in a simple MRI procedure, a patient may have concerns of after effects caused by the disturbance of the atoms, biological hazards or claustrophobia. This is normal and patients should be properly informed of the process and it's requirement. People with certain types of implants will be exempted from a scan to avoid disturbance of the implants function.
  • Once the patient is out of the magnetic field, the body and it's chemistry return to normal
  • No known biological hazards have been discovered after years of research with the use of scanners because it does not use ionizing radiation
  • Certain questions will be asked before the issuance of MRI scanning to ensure no medical implants such as pacemakers, heart valves, surgical clips and etc., are not found in the patients internal system.
  • Several options are available for claustrophobic patients to lessen the anxiety such as sedation, Open MRI's and extremity MRI's.

Related Side- effects:

  • It is very rare but some patient's reacts to the dye used.
  • Long term effect on unborn babies are not yet known as of this date that is why pregnant women are strongly advised not to go through the procedure unless life-threatening. 
          Generally, MRI's are considered painless and safe. There are no known adverse reactions after the scan. Normal activities can be resumed as soon as it's over while waiting for the doctor's diagnosis after the images are studied.

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